ICL Voices Opposition to SB1042 & Obamacare

(Republished in part from the full article at Idaho Chooses Life.org – view the full article here )

The Idaho Senate will consider SB1042 this week. This legislation will implement ObamaCare in the state through the creation of an insurance exchange.

Idaho Chooses Life opposes this legislation because it will facilitate ObamaCare – which threatens to produce the greatest explosion in abortions since the Roe decision.

Many legislators we have visited with seem rather oblivious to the dire pro-Life implications of cooperating with the Obama Administration in this scheme, arguing that ObamaCare is now the “Law of the Land”. We urge the citizens of Idaho to weigh in on this matter: From the outset, this nation was built on the concept of citizen sovereignty and a little principle called “consent of the governed”.

Polling in Idaho has demonstrated that Idaho citizens are in no mood to consent to what the Insurance Industry is peddling.  (read more)