6 Very Compelling Reasons For Rejecting Governor Otter’s Insurance Exchange Agenda

1) Governor Otter’s insurance exchange agenda is being driven by the insurance industry, itself, and not by the private, individual citizens of Idaho– Nearly half of all the individuals the Governor appointed last year to his health insurance task force (which, technically, he referred to as a “working group”) to “study” the possibility of an insurance exchange in Idaho, were  in fact people who already had ties to the insurance industry.

The task force members included Zelda Geyer-Sylvia from the Blue Cross of Idaho insurance company , Scott Kreiling of Regence Blue Shield,  Dave Self of Pacific Source Health Plans, Tom Shores, an independent health insurance broker, and Idaho State Senator John Goedde.   Goedde previously served as the….  (read more)

This Op-ed piece was recently published on the Idaho Conservative Blogger.  Read the full article here.