If Trump is Impeached and Thrown Out of Office, Then What?…

There are many here in this country (and around the world) that associate Trump the “person” with Trump the President.  Throw Trump the person out of office, and simply replace him with one of the many career politicians that thrive in DC.  One part fits all.  It’s just that simple, right?… It certainly seemed that […]

A New Ottoman Empire, or Turkey in Default?

It seems that there are quite a few rumors spreading around these days about whether or not Turkey will default nearly $450 Billion in debt due, at least in part, to U.S. sanctions and trade tariffs. It makes us wonder if President Tayyip Erdoğan will turn his back on the west and team up with Putin.  […]

Gold or Star Trek Money?

With the uncertainty in the world today (U.S./Russian relations, the Korean peninsula, chemical attacks in Syria), you’d think that the market would be screaming at us to BUY GOLD!  However, this is not the case, and for some reason, gold doesn’t seem to be a factor in today’s trading. Most of us were taught about […]

Will Bitcoin Replace the American Monetary System?

Apparently, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are, in fact, an asset class – HOWEVER, they do not represent currencies in any sense of the word.  So the thought that bitcoin will replace the American dollar, or the national currency of any nation is fictional. Or is it?… Transactions in the U.S. by paper currency (cash) only […]

Will November Mid-Terms Mark a Turning Point in World Currencies?

Asian and European markets are currently experiencing a downtrend, while in July, the Dow Jones Industrial Index broke out above the downtrend line. The Economic Confidence Model (ECM) is a global business cycle that never peaks and bottoms together.  What might this mean for the United States in 2019 and 2020? To find out more, […]

Consumer Confidence in America Continues to Ride High!

The consumer confidence index rose 4 tenths of a percentage point in July (to 127.4), indicating confidence was stronger than predicted in June. According to Lynn Franco (the Director of Economic Indicators at The Conference Board), “Consumers’ assessment of present-day conditions improved, suggesting that economic growth is still strong”. To find out if this is […]

Trump’s Bailout of Farmers…  Soviet Style Economics?

Recently, the U.S. government proposed to spend upwards of $12 billion to help farmers that have been negatively impacted by the President’s trade war with China and other trading partners.  The aid package does not require congressional approval, and will likely go into effect by the end of the month. GOP Senator Ron Johnson (WI) […]

How Will China handle its First Debt Bankruptcy of a Major Corporation?

As many predicted, the first debt bankruptcy of a major corporation in China has recently taken place.  The bankruptcy at Wintime Energy was caused by over-indebtedness which occurred over the past 12 months, and culminated with the company’s failure to repay a bond to the central government bank (of about US$10.8 billion). To find out […]

Destroying Families with Universal Basic Income?

Stockton, one of California’s previously “bankrupt” cities, will become the first in the nation to test drive a program called Universal Basic Income.  The program, thought up and pushed by Silicon Valley executives like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg, will provide 100 residents $500/month for 18 months with absolutely no strings attached.  These […]

Bernie Sanders Drops Another “Content-Free” Data Bomb…

In a recent article written for The Guardian, Bernie Sanders offers anecdote after tear wrenching anecdote about how poorly employees of Disneyland are treated.  Unfortunately, he misses the more significant issues experienced on a daily basis by American workers across the country, such as income growth or unplanned for expenses. To find out more about […]