The IMF Recommends WHAT?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently recommended that all banks should issue their own cryptocurrency.  What?…  Why?… Issuing their own cryptocurrencies would allow banks to use Block Chain technology to keep track of taxes and enforce NEGATIVE interest rates on account holders.  In doing so, anyone with cash in the bank could very well find […]

Are Migrants Coming to Work or for the Free Benefits of Socialism?

President Trump backed the U.S. out of the United Nation’s Migration deal recently, and now Hungary and Austria have announced their plans to back out.  Why is this, when the deal is not legally binding on any country in the world? In the past, mass migration has been done primarily for economic reasons.  “If I […]

Are Politicians Today Creating the Worst Economic Downturn in History?

In today’s world, investment capital is tied up in two things: 1) government bonds and 2) real estate.  As a result of the income tax problem in America (and many other countries worldwide), real estate has offered the only real way to make money in capital gains without paying income taxes. With many foreign governments […]

Does Raising the Minimum Wage Create (or Eliminate) Jobs in America?

When I started working for a small business owned by the family of a high school friend, I made the minimum wage of $1.60/hour and was happy with it.  Sure, that was a l-o-o-o-n-g time ago, but now the minimum wage has crept up over $10/hour, and many retailers plan on going as high as […]

Does Big Business Give a Damn About Conservative Values?

Big business doesn’t’ really like free markets, and often times will kill off competition simply by hiring a flock of attorney’s and lobbyists to navigate onerous regulations that most small businessmen and women don’t have the time (or inclination…) to understand. So why do conservatives always seem to “go to the mat” for big business […]

Should the Government Dictate Family Leave Programs, or Let the Private Sector Decide What it Can Afford?

Since Donald Trump took office some 22 months ago, his daughter Ivanka has campaigned for federal paid family leave.  Back in August, she was instrumental in organizing a Senate hearing to discuss her government-supported paid family leave proposal, which at its core, relies on Social Security to pay for parental benefits. The private market today […]

Gloom and Doom or the Next Debt Crisis?

The west is heading into a pension crisis reality that should kick off in 2019.  While it is fairly certain that European nations will crumble first, as they currently have between 30% and 40% of their population already retired, the United States is not far behind. Is raising taxes (i.e., California) the answer or part […]

Can the Government Fix Social Security, or Will it Take Free Market Intervention?

According the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security Trust Fund will become insolvent by the year 2034.  This means that seniors that depend on Social Security will not be able to collect their full benefits starting that year. Just to be clear, that means 43% of single American senior citizens relying on Social Security for […]

A “Failure to Launch” Crisis?

According to a recent survey, nearly 23% of millennials ages 24-26 are back living at home with mom and dad.  This is up from 13% back in 2005, which is scary to someone that has a college senior living out of state right now and who is enjoying the “empty nest”. Add this to the […]

More Than Half of Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Don’t Work

Data from numerous ObamaCare expansion states reveal that, if new enrollees are not required to work, they will not work—at all. Based on recent research, this conclusion bodes ill for Idaho should Medicaid expansion pass in November. To find out more about the Medicaid Expansion and if Proposition 2 is a good thing for Idaho, […]