Capital Gains Report

Traditionally, Idaho has been one of the most economically and socially conservative states in the country.  It is currently ranked as the seventh freest state in the nation by the CATO Institute.  It has attracted substantial out-migration from other states due its quality of life and conservative values.

However, are Idahoans truly economically free?  Not if they want to sell a business or invest in a business.  Not if they are a senior citizen relying on investment income outside of social security benefits.  Why?  Because Idaho has the tenth highest capital gains tax rates in the country and ranks 16th highest in the industrial world.  Idahoans that invest and save are being unfairly penalized due to this higher than average capital gains rate.  How does this fit with our conservative values?  Is it fair to Idahoans?

To find out more, please read the full report at: The Case for Idaho’s Capital Gains Rate Reduction