Idaho Capital Gains Tax Brochure

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Idaho – It is time to start demanding a change.  While states across the country are actively reducing taxes on capital, Idaho’s tax rate ranks 16th highest in the industrial world.  Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming have no state Capital Gains tax.  Arkansas, New York, Mississippi and Tennessee are currently in the process of decreasing their tax on Capital Gains.

  • Idahoans can not and should not get left holding the bag, dispensing a disproportionate amount of their income on Capital Gains tax.
  • Historically, states with the highest in-migration rates in the country that raise tax rates, see growth reversed and the state economy stagnate.
  • A decrease or elimination of tax on capital results in a stimulated economy, additional jobs and higher wages.
  • The duplication of taxes on capital generally dissuades middle-class Idahoans from saving money.
  • Twenty-three out of twenty-six independent studies conducted since 1983 conclude that taxes on income and capital have a negative impact on growth.  The remaining three studies conclude that the impact is negligible.

Learn the facts.  Download our Capital Gains Tri-Fold Brochure and share it with your circle of influence.  Lets CHANGE Idaho’s Capital Gains tax policy.