The FBI Say’s “Reboot”!

Most of us here in Idaho are fortunate to have access to the internet at home and at work, using a small wireless router.  However, once it’s installed and working, I think it’s safe to say that most of us just leave it alone and do read articles, analyze information, or simply relax and catch […]

Higher Yields and More Profitable Crops!

Recently, the Bonneville County Extension office hosted a series of small farming workshops to show small farmers how they might grow crops with a higher yield outside of the normal growing/harvesting windows for certain crops and stay competitive in larger markets.  In fact, some of these crops have actually yielded results hundreds of times larger […]

Supreme Court Bans Class-Action Suits by Workers

The Supreme Court delivered a ruling on May 21st that is expected to have a significant impact on the rights of workers in the U.S.  The Justices, in a 5-4 ruling with the court’s conservatives in the majority, approved the rights of companies to force their workers to sign arbitration agreements waiving their rights to […]

We Believe It’s Time for a Change in Legislative Leadership

We believe it is time for a change in legislative leadership. We have the leaders of the House and Senate believing they can block your elected Senator and Representative from taking care of the interests of your district by blocking bills from being heard.  They also think that spending your tax dollars when there is a […]

Urban Renewal is a Blight on Our Wallets

Urban renewal is typically portrayed in a positive manner. After all, who doesn’t want to eliminate run-down areas of our municipalities? Even though urban renewal sounds like a great idea, it requires much more scrutiny than it has been given by the citizens of Canyon County. Urban renewal first became a reality in Idaho in […]

One Apple Orchard and 5,000 Government Rules

By: The Idahoan This past December, the National Review published an article about the trials and tribulations experience by a family run apple orchard in upstate New York.  As with most family farms, most of the real work lands in the fall, when the orchard is consumed with harvesting, as well as product sale and […]

Capital Gains Research Report

Affordable? Try again…

Research completed by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that we can expect a quantifiable increase again in 2016 for insurance premiums.  Citing research in 11 major metropolitan areas and DC, KFF found an average of 4.4% increase in the projected premiums for the benchmark “2nd lowest cost Silver Plan”.    This comes on the heels […]

We Reserve the Right to… Break Records

In Gresham, OR, a battle continues to loom, but records are being set at the same time!  It started in 2013 when a Christian couple’s family owned bakery declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, because it was in opposition to their beliefs.  When the couple sued the family bakery, eventually receiving […]

2013: A View From 2009

According to Bob Higgs we may as well call the so-called stimulus bill “swimming-pool economics.”  It’s based on the idea that if you take water from the deep end and pour it into the shallow end, the water level will rise. Over the next few years, the February 4 report of the Congressional Budget Office […]